Free, one-hour confidential SCORE small business counseling sessions are generally held at the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, 930 Richland Street (corner of Park and Richland Streets) in downtown Columbia.

SCORE counselors have expertise in a variety of fields. If you have a requirement to match your information needs with a counselor's knowledge in specific areas, you may do so by following the directions below. However this is not necessary to make an appointment.

Option 1: If you are seeking general information on small business startup and/or operations click on the "Next Step" button at the bottom NOW.

Option 2: If you want counseling in specific topic areas, choose up to 4 topics below using the down arrow on the right side of each entry and click the "Next Step" button at the bottom.

Option 3: (Returning counseling clients: To select a particular counselor from a previous counseling session, select "All" in Topic 1 and leave the other topic fields empty and click the "Next step" Button at the bottom.)

NOTE: There are five simple steps to complete a reservation. You must complete all the steps until you reach Step 5 (The Final Reservation Step) to secure a reservation. Click on next step or the location indicated in each step to go to the next step.

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