Members Only
This section of the web site is for the use by the Midlands SCORE Chapter Members and is only used to perform functions that helps them carry out their mission. Each operation below requires a special user name and password. Click on the leading button to carry out the operation on this web site.
Allows SCORE counselors to view upcoming appointments with their clients. The counselors may also blockout future counseling time slots of theirs as necessary.
SCORE members view and/or download member information including monthly member package.
Allows the member information manager to place member information on the web site and create links to it for member use.
Allows the workshop manager to place workshop information into the database which is displayed on this web site for potential attendees.
Allows the counselor manager to add and delete counselors on the web site and assign counselors to time slots in the schedule.
Allows the contacts manager to choose the SCORE member that will receive the email from the contact us form on this web site.